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Der Newsletter „Corporate Law / Banking & Finance, January 2010“ des Kiewer Standorts der Rechtanwaltskanzlei BEITEN BURKHARDT ist in englischer und ukrainischer Sprache erschienen.


Law of Ukraine „On Amendment of Certain Laws of Ukraine Concerning Simplification of the Conditions of the Pursuit of Business in Ukraine“ effective as of 30 December 2009 that introduced important amendments to the effective laws, most notably, on licensing, permits issuance procedures, lease of property, company formation, as wellas regulation of small businesses;
Clarification on application of chapter II, sections 8 and 10 of the Law of Ukraine „On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine for the Purpose of Overcomingthe Negative Consequences of the Financial Crisis“ dated 23 June 2009 and effective as of 24 November 2009 (the „Anti-Crisis Law“) regarding early repayment (dostrokove vykonannia) of the amounts due under the loan agreement between resident borrowers and non-resident lenders in the period until 1January 2011.


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