Publ.: 'Ukraine on its Way to Europe. Interim Results of the Orange Revolution'

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The Orange Revolution in November/December 2004 has unambiguously
determined the future orientation of Ukraine: Joining the European
Union has obtained top priority. ?Europe? is understood here not as a
geographical or historical term, but as a normative concept including
respect for human and civil rights, rule of law, division of powers,
parliamentary democracy, open and pluralistic society and so on. The
publication has two aims: a critical analysis and evaluation of the
efforts of Ukraine under President Yushchenko to bring about a change
in direction toward a rapprochement to the European Union (2005-
2008), and the identification of cultural constants of the Ukrainian
society which either hinder or are conducive to the rapprochement.


Gerhard Simon: After the Orange Revolution: the Rocky Road to
Democracy Ingmar Bredies: The 2004 Constitutional Reform: Origins,
Driving Forces and Consequences Dieter Segert: Political Parties in
Ukraine since the Orange Revolution Walter Rechberger: Judicial
Independence in Ukraine A*se Berit Gr?deland: Cultural Constants,
Corruption and the Orange Revolution Heiko Pleines: The Political
Role of the Oligarchs Martin Schauer/Anna Lawrenjuk: Ukrainian
Company Law between Modernisation and Post-Soviet Tradition – The
Joint Stock Company as an Example Bettina Haidinger: Social Policy
and Poverty Alleviation in Ukraine from a Gender Perspective Kerstin
Zimmer: The Role of Ukraine within the European Migration System
Susan Stewart: NGO Development in Ukraine since the Orange Revolution
Juliane Besters-Dilger: Ukrainian Media Policies on the Way to Europe
Andreas Kappeler: The Politics of History in Contemporary Ukraine:
Russia, Poland, Austria, and Europe Martin Malek: The „Western
Dimension“ of the Foreign and Security Policy of Ukraine since 2005
with Special Consideration of the „Russian Factor“ Lina Klymenko:
What Holds Ukraine and Poland Together? On External and Internal
Factors of Ukrainian-Polish Relations Alois Woldan: Culture
Dimensions in Ukraine Renate Pillinger: Ukraine’s Approach to the
Preservation of its Ancient and Religious Inheritance Igor Gordyi:
The Ukrainian Churches and the Europeanisation of Ukraine.

The Editor:
Juliane Besters-Dilger is Full Professor of Slavonic Studies at the
University of Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). From 1994 to 2007 she
worked at the University of Vienna (Austria), and initiated the
research project which is the basis for this volume.

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