Graduate and PhD Programme „Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore“, University of Alberta

Opportunities for language training are excellent, and students may include study in Lviv as part of their training. Courses in related fields include humanities computing, anthropology, museum studies, and ethnomusicology, along with a wide range of choices in other departments. Our degrees prepare students for a variety of interesting jobs and recent graduates have found employment in academe, in museums and historical preservation facilities, in archives, as creative artists, and in the public sector.

Graduate support is generous and students typically work as teaching assistants and/or research assistants. Research assistantships include database and archival work and thus contribute to training and employability.

For more information, contact Andriy Nahachewsky, Huculak Chair and Centre Director at or Natalie Kononenko, Kule Chair of Ukrainian Ethnography at

Andriy Nahachewsky
Huculak Chair and Centre Director
Kule Folklore Centre
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