„Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine“ No 91

Das IER in Kyjiw veröffentlicht den „Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine“ No 91 (Mai 2008) Mit Anhang zum Thema Inflation


  • Coalition becomes increasingly divided.
  • Real GDP growth reached 6.0% yoy in the first quarter of 2008.
  • The Government increased grain export quotas and extended them to June.
  • In May Ukraine will become the newest WTO member after the Verkhovna Rada ratified the final agreement last month.
  • The central budget turned into deficit in the first quarter as the execution of expenditures improved.
  • The Government delayed introduction of targeted social assistance.
  • Consumer inflation reached 30.2% yoy in April as meat and vegetable prices jumped.
  • Hryvnia steadily appreciated against US dollar despite the NBU interventions.


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